A Life Changing Moment

April 9, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Luke 19:28-40 |

All of us at sometime or another face life changing moments in our lives.  Some of those moments are positive, while on the other hand, some are negative.  Yet, life changing events are inevitable. Jesus experiences a life changing moment in His life, His entry into Jerusalem. It is the Passover, and millions of Jews have made their way to the Holy City to celebrate God's deliverance in their lives. However, Christ is coming to Jerusalem as the ultimate sacrifice for all of humanity. This life changing moment in Jesus' life helps us understand how to deal with our own life changing events. When we are willing to work in collaboration with others, rather than isolation from others, we are better able to deal with life changing situations. It is also necessary for us to respond to life changing events with dedication rather than trepidation. So when we face life changing moments, we can rest assure that those moments are not the ends of our stories but are stepping stones to greater depths in God.