“A Pivotal Moment”

April 1, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Mark 16: 1-11 |

Jesus' crucifixion was a critical event in the lives of His disciples and followers because the disciples depended on His presence and power to navigate through the highs and lows of life. For the last three years of their lives, Jesus has guided, directed, and taught the disciples on a daily basis. However, this comes to an abrupt halt as they witness their leader beaten and crucified. This is a pivotal moment in the disciple's lives- will they fall apart or continue to follow His ways.

Each of us experience pivotal moments in our own lives too. Very often we are faced with situations and circumstances that have a lasting impact on our psyche, our growth, and development. There are pivotal moments that challenge all that we believe in, as well as shape how we do life. So it is imperative to recognize pivotal moments in our lives. When we find ourselves encountering circumstances that challenge our strength, our faith, and our courage-guess what? We are experiencing a pivotal moment.