“A Response to Racism”

June 7, 2020 ()

Bible Text: Acts 10: 23-33 |


What a predicament the world finds itself in right now.  We are living in a global crisis of huge proportions. With over 6 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide, and almost 2 million confirmed cases in America ... not to mention the almost 400K worldwide deaths and over 100K deaths in America due to COVID-19... our hands are full.  We are fighting against a merciless pandemic.  And we've been instructed by the CDC in ways to respond to this pandemic; we should practice social distancing, wear facial coverings, use hand sanitizer and wash hands thoroughly. 

However, we are also in the midst of fighting another global pandemic, a virus that is as devastating as COVID-19, and if it's not overcome it will continue to keep its literal and proverbial knee on the neck of humanity and keep us from breathing.  Yes, racism in America and other parts of the world has kept our society from reaching it's best version of itself. So, while we find ourselves in the midst of fighting 2 pandemics COVID-19 and racism, what are some ways we ought to respond to this ravaging virus called racism?
Just like the CDC gave some instructions on responding to the Coronavirus, there some ways we as people can respond to racism while we are witnessing protests and unrests all around the world today.  Yes, the bible can help us see how to deal with this deadly disease that chokes the life out of society. Racism actually hinders the growth of humanity.  However, in our text, we find that Peter and Cornelius had to deal with their discrimination before the mission and work of God could move forward! And in order to overcome their prejudices there had to be cooperation, cancellation, and a conversation. So it is the same for you and me.