“A Season of Development”

September 3, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 37: 12-24 |


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We are presently moving toward the end of what football fans know as the pre-season. The pre-season is a time during which NFL teams are closely monitoring their personnel to see who will make the final cut and remain on the team's roster for the regular season. And although the preseason games do not count toward a team's record-it is a time for coaches to see the development of players other than the regular season starters to determine who makes the team. Pre-season happens during the beginning of a season so coaches can evaluate the development of players before the real games begin.

And so it is in life, many times you and I have to go through seasons of development before God can move us to where we believe we belong.

Here in our text, we find that Joseph is about to go through a season of development. Yes, before he eventually ends up in a place of prominence and prestige, Joseph had to to go through a season of development. As we follow Joseph for awhile, we will see how to identify a season of development. It could possibly be that the difficulties and challenges you are experiencing in life are part of your process of development.