“A Wake-up Call”

March 24, 2019 ()

Bible Text: Psalms 57: 1-11 |

Most of us that get up early in the morning to the sound of an alarm generally despise the sound, especially if we are in a cozy comfy sleep. Because usually, the sound lets us know that it's time to get the day started, it's time to move from slumber to seriousness. It's the end of a nights sleep and the start of a new day.  Time to get up and get going. 
However, when traveling or staying in a hotel we may use the alarms on our phones or request a wake-up call: an automated call from the operator at a scheduled time that interrupts our sleep.  And sometimes the same thing can happen in our lives.  At times our lives can be interrupted by disaster, difficulty, or uneasiness.  In fact, some times people call these things wake-up calls.  
And there is a certain way to respond to life's wake-up calls. From David's psalm, we find that we have to take refuge in God, rely on the rebuke of God, and the reach of God when experiencing a wake-up call.