“Activating God’s Favor”

January 8, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Ezekiel 44: 28-31 |

When I was a child there were times that I would do mischievous things that brought about bad consequences and/or punishments from my mother.  Almost every time she would say to me, "You brought this on yourself." In other words, whatever inappropriate behavior I exhibited generally landed my behind in trouble.  So very early I began to associate results and/or consequences with actions. 
As we begin this brand new year there are actions/principles that we can apply to our lives that aid us in getting off to a great start and having a productive year.  One of the undeniable ways to bring favor upon our families this year is to make sure we start off the year with setting aside a First Fruit Offering for God to secure our lives throughout the year.  At the beginning of each harvest season the Israelites would bring a special offering of their first fruit (harvest) to God in anticipation of God securing the rest of their year.  The Israelites did not live around an abundance of fertile ground for farming so they had to depend on a Higher Power.  In other words, the Israelites brought their best to God at the start of the season because they needed God to take care of them for the rest of the season. 
We are currently living in some unstable times, especially with the change of administration to soon take place.  That said, it is more incumbent upon us to turn to God and rest upon God's provision for our lives.  We can help to cover our families and bring favor upon them by following the principles of First Fruit giving to God. It is miraculous to see how making such a commitment to God early in the year has tremendous impact throughout the rest of the year. So start the year off right with bringing God your best, especially since He has given us His best!