All changes saved. “Avoid People Pleasing”

June 2, 2019 ()

Bible Text: Acts 4: 1-10 |

At some point in all of our lives, we have been prone to wanting to be accepted. For some, this may have come early in one's life as a child or young adult. While for others this may still be a struggle that has continued into adulthood. We may all struggle with this at some point, but for someone who habitually people pleases, the issue can be debilitating. People pleasers are motivated by a strong desire for approval and external validation, which could result in deep insecurity in relationships.

In our text, we see Peter and John are not hung up on what others think about them or have against them. Peter and John are set on doing what they believe God desired for them to do rather than what others had in mind for them. In other words, Peter and John were not out to please people but knew that life was about pleasing God. In order to move beyond people pleasing, we must remember that all progress won't be applauded, avoid accepting other's opinion of you over your own, and acknowledge God's power in your life.