“Do It the Right Way”

December 17, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Matthew 2: 1-12 |

The anticipation of the Birth of Christ has risen to great heights in Judea and the surrounding region.  So much so, that Magi were drawn from the east (far away) to see this special baby born King of the Jews.  However, the challenge for the Magi was to make sure they were traveling the right way to find Christ Jesus.
Very often you and I find ourselves attempting to make sure that we are indeed heading the right way.  Are we leading our families in the right way, are the career moves I'm making heading the right way? All of us can relate to doing things our way.  Sometimes we will even do things the way of our friends or colleagues.  But after living life and making some bad decisions, we all know that the best way to go is God's way. Yet, God's way is not always the easiest nor the most popular way.
However, in our text we can take some lessons from the Magi about finding the right way and traveling the way God desires for us to go.