“God Can Carry You Through the Unexpected”

May 6, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Mark 4: 35-41 |

All of us experience those times when life seems to take an unexpected turn- sometimes its in the area of relationships, at times we may experience financial difficulties that totally catch us off guard. And then others may find some challenges at work or even finding a place to work can be the unexpected life situation.  In life, we will all experience unexpected challenging circumstances that can throw us for a loop.  In fact, its during these kinds of trying times that it is easy to begin a downward spiral of negative thinking coupled with frustration, emotional, and spiritual fatigue.
However, God desperately wants us to know that He can carry us through our unexpected situations.  God has a way of bringing us through those things that catch us by surprise.  We see in our text that the disciples are caught completely off guard by a storm that arose in the midst of their journey across a lake. And it is in the middle of this storm that they awaken Jesus who is resting within the same storm tossed boat. We see from this encounter that when I rely on God's presence during my unexpected situations, remember to petition Him, while resting in His power-then I am able to allow God to carry me through the unexpected turns in my life.