“Honoring Jesus”

April 30, 2017 ()

Bible Text: John 12:1-8 |

In keeping with our 5th Sunday's leadership and personal development theme, allowing our talents to standout, lets take a peek into an evening dinner in Lazarus' town of Bethany.  During this special dinner to honor Jesus we see 3 specific individuals- Martha, Lazarus, and Mary collectively use their different lives (talents/strengths) in a way to bring glory to Christ Our Savior.  
God has given each of us different gifts/talents/strengths to be used to bring Him glory and honor. The challenge is how do we utilize our strengths and work in conjunction with others who may possess different strengths. For instance, in most relationships or marriages each spouse or partner possess different strengths. However, if we can not allow one another to work within their God-given capacities then relationships run the risk of not reaching their full potential. Very often in our places of employment, we may find ourselves not working within our strengths, and as a result we can lose the sense of satisfaction, or the joy of working. However, when we learn how to work together, while utilizing our strengths, we will create stronger environments, relationships, partnerships, and the like. 
So lets strengthen our families, relationships, marriages, communities, ministries, etc. by identifying and intentionally working together within our strengths to bring glory to God.