“Imagine the Possibilities”

April 8, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Mark 5: 21-24, 35-42 |

It is quite noticeable as you travel along roads and sidewalks that spring is finally in full bloom.  It seems like we have left the coldness of winter behind, and it is now time to reflect on and envision the possibilities ahead.  Many lawns are beginning to look alive as faded grass from the winter is turning green.  Also, numerous trees are beginning to bloom-and what was once bare branches are showing signs of color. And its this noticeable change that inspires so many to imagine the possibilities that come along with the seasonal change.
And this phenomenon of imagining the possibilities in nature ought to also exist within our own lives as human beings.  We ought to live life imagining the possibilities of life! Very often we live so pessimistically that we lose sight of all the possibilities that come along with life.  Our relationships have new possibilities, our families have new possibilities, our careers have new possibilities if we would learn to live imagining the possibilities rather than lingering in pessimism. 
In our text, we find a man whose daughter is near death but he does not give up on imaging the possibilities associated with getting to Jesus.  Here we see that this man is well aware that with Jesus come innumerable possibilities for his situation.  We too can learn to imagine possibilities in our own lives, no matter how dire the circumstances may appear.