“Problem Solving”

August 30, 2020 ()

Bible Text: Acts 15: 1-12 |

The ability to solve problems is a skill that will serve you well personally and professionally.  Problem solvers generally see problems as having two essential features- a solution or resolution, and an obstacle standing in the way of getting to the resolution. 
Problem-solving is valued very highly in the business world because employers, for the most part, want people to work for them that are good at solving problems because where there are people there will be problems. and problem-solving is also a personal benefit because in relationships whether it's family, friends, co-workers, romantic, marriage--there will be problems.  
And as we look at the movement taking place in the early church, guess what, they are running into problems. Here we find some strategic steps to solving problems.  Because here we find members of the church (Jews) still having problems with opening up to the Gentiles.  Yes, many of the Jews want to remain exclusive and they are even using the Law to try and justify their exclusivity!  This is a problem because God has opened the door to the Gentiles and is connected to the Gentiles while many Jews are still fighting against including them. So the problem is solved by gathering information, gathering additional assistance, and going with God's grace.