“Reasons to Rejoice”

May 28, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Psalm 121 |

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Very often life can get so laden with problems, perplexing situations, and arduous struggles that we can become blinded by our negative experiences, and lose sight of all the good that is going on in our lives.  When our minds are captured only by rough times we run the risk of losing sight of the varied reasons to rejoice.  Therefore, we must look closely for the multiple reasons God gives us to rejoice in life.
The Psalmist helps us understand some definitive reasons why we can rejoice no matter what is happening.  As the children of Israel were making their way to the Holy City of Jerusalem, the writer allows us to get a glimpse of the mentality they possessed during such a laborious pilgrimage.  The Psalmist, along with others, understood the necessity of focusing on God's Power, God's Presence, and God's Protection while on their journey.  We too can take a lesson from the Psalmist while on our own journey in life. As we navigate through our personal terrain of troubles, challenges, and tragedies lets remember we have reasons to rejoice!