“Staying Focus”

December 2, 2018 ()

Bible Text:  Mark 1: 35- 39 |

If we researched the evolution of the television, we would see that over the years there have been vast improvements in television technology.  From the days of black and white tv's to the twenty-first century boasting of flat screens with paper thin frames, we find that one of the areas of greatest technological improvement is the area of resolution and picture quality.  Today's televisions have greater picture quality or focus than in the past.  If television manufacturers understand the need for improvements in resolution/picture quality or focus then surely you and I ought to possess the same desire to stay focused in our own lives. 
Quite frankly, it is often very easy to lose focus.  We can start heading in the right direction, moving with tenacious precision, and all of a sudden get distracted and lose our focus.  
However, here in our text, we find Jesus' example of how to stay focused in our lives.  We see that in order to stay focused we must prioritize our activities, exercise purpose-driven living, and produce for God.