“The Dangers of a Big Ego”

July 26, 2020 ()

Bible Text: Acts 12: 20-24 |

Most, if not all of us, would consider ourselves to be humble people.  There are very few people who would literally say that they are prideful or have a big ego.  Most would like to consider ourselves as humble men and women who don't struggle with pride or possess a big ego.  Because quite honestly, we don't walk around bragging and telling everyone we meet that we are probably the best at whatever we do.  Of course, none of us walk into our places of employment each morning and announce that the king/queen is here-- I HAVE ARRIVED! So in that regard, we could easily consider ourselves to be humble people who don't struggle with pride or ego.
However, just because you don't walk around literally saying you're the best doesn't mean you don't have a pride/ego issue.  Just because you don't publicly put others down doesn't mean you don't have an ego that needs to be put in check!  Just because you are a Christian doesn't mean that you don't have an issue with pride.
Let me see if I can help you identify some ego issues: 1) whenever someone is trying to teach you something and just because you may already know the content or something about it, and you tune them out because they can't show anything that you don't already know -guess what?
2) whenever someone asks you to do something and in your mind, you think you're too good to do what's been asked and someone else should be doing it --- guess what?
3) whenever you walk around secretly thinking you're better than others who are different or less fortunate --- guess what?
4) whenever you don't see the need in other's voices or advice and you disregard them, which is rooted in the thought that you know it all or don't need help --- guess what?
Yes, a person's pride/ego doesn't always have to be on display, sometimes the most subtle, secret inner thoughts we have on a daily basis wreak with pride!  And I know so many of us say we are humble but I think CS Lewis said it best when he said, "True humility is not thinking less of ourselves, but thinking of ourselves less."
Here in our text, we can learn some dangers of having a big ego or not dealing with pride in our own lives.  We see that Herod had a hard time managing his ego.  As a result, it led him to throw his weight around, think too much of himself, and think that he was above God.  Ultimately, this man's ego led to his own demise.  Don't let your ego get in the way!