“Turning Massive Challenges into Meaningful Change”

May 24, 2020

Bible Text: John 4: 7-24 |

Governments, both local and national, along with corporations and businesses big and small are facing the overwhelming decisions of how to operate in this ongoing pandemic and worldwide crisis.  The rapid adjustments, modifications, and needs of employers and employees are one thing to deal with, on top of how to create opportunities for customers to safely engage in business or receive services without risk or danger of infection.

At best, the amount of change to think through and implement can be daunting.  Because today's owner, CEO, or manager has to navigate through the maze of overwhelming competing challenges that are a result of the current climate we live in.  And these challenges can be massive!
But not only does this exist in the business industry but herein lies the same scenario for individuals, for families.  Yes, not only are companies and corporations, governments and agencies faced with massive challenges in making day to day decisions. But ordinary people like you and I have massive challenges that we too have to manage and turn into meaningful change!
Actually, the Samaritan woman in our text today has the same challenge.  She has an encounter with Jesus that helps her turn her massive challenges into meaningful change.  I say she has massive challenges because John tells us that she had 5 husbands and the man she was with at the moment wasn't her husband.  This type of familial experience surely must've been a challenge.  And we see from her conversation with Christ that she's able to move beyond the challenges of her personal life and make meaningful change. We can do the same!