“What it Means to Trust God”

July 14, 2019 ()

Bible Text: Psalm 27: 1 - 10 |

In Psalm 27, written by David before he was king probably while he was on the run from Saul is a powerful Psalm. Psalm 27, is known as the 2nd most powerful Psalm; 2nd only to the 23rd Psalm. In the Psalm, David, in verses 1-6 seems to be affirming and celebrating His God and suddenly in verses 7 - 10 "he is lamenting His God", the scripture emphasizes that "Life is filled with swift transitions"', we can start out in the morning celebrating and we can have a "then it happened" moment that changes everything. Times when "bad things" happen we often end up in a quandary of questioning, seeking clarity and answers. That is the time when learn what it means to "Trust in God " by:

Remaining Confident in God
Remaining Constant in Prayer