“When It Is From God”

October 7, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Acts 5: 33-42 |

We are bombarded with opportunities to make decisions that impact our lives. Some decisions have a minimum effect, while others possess major impact and influence on outcomes in our lives. One of the greatest challenges in making life decisions is knowing whether or not something you are about to do is from God. Does God want you to do what you are thinking, feeling, desiring and even others may be telling you to do? This perplexing problem can pertain to applying for jobs, pursuing and maintaining relationships, and even making important decisions. So how do you know if something is from God?

The apostles have gone all in with spreading the teaching about Christ. And as a result, they've experienced all kinds of opposition and resistance on their journey. Yet, in spite of the opposition, they know their work is of God because of the unexpected support they receive, the unstoppable progress they're making, and the unrelenting passion they possess for God's work.