“When the Bottom Fall Out”

July 9, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Job 2:1-10 |

In the mid-1940's, the German engineer Ernst Hoffmeister created an amusement park ride named The Rotor which was exhibited throughout Europe in the 50's and 60's.  If I remember correctly a version of the ride made it to the NJ State Fair in the early 70's and was popular among kids and adults alike, but I was terrified to even attempt getting on the ride.  The Rotor is a large upright barrel that rotates at 33 revolutions per minute and creates a centrifugal force inside that pins human beings to the wall of the barrel.  Riders would first walk into the barrel like ride while it is at a standstill and each person stands along the wall of the barrel. Then the attendant shuts the door and the huge barrel beings to spin and pick up tremendous speed which pins the riders against the barrel wall.  Once the Rotor has attained full speed, all of a sudden the floor would retract, leaving the riders pinned against the wall.  In other words, the bottom would fall out!  The centrifugal force would have riders pinned against the wall with no floor to stand on!  Needless to say, the screams were deafening.
And so it can be with life, sometimes it seems like the bottom can fall out right from under your feet.  This is what happened to Job.  He has lost his children, cattle, and livestock. Yet the suffering isn't over.  We see that his health is now being affected, and to add insult to injury his wife declares that he should just curse God and die.  When it seems like the bottom has fallen out in our lives, we have to consider a few things that can help us maintain some sanity while suffering.  None of us like suffering, yet it is unavoidable in life.  However, when the bottom falls out remember God's perspective, Satan's perspective, and humanity's perspective on suffering.  When we keep things in the proper perspective we can fare better during times of suffering.