“Your Opposition is Your Opportunity”

August 16, 2020 ()

Bible Text: Acts 14: 1-17 |

This past week the Democratic Presidential Nominee, Joe Biden announced to the world his selection for Vice President, his running mate, on the Democrat ticket, Sen. Kamala Harris.  The significance of this announcement is that she is the first woman of color on a major political party ticket.  Not to mention, that she was also the 2nd woman of color to be sworn in as a US Senator a few years ago.
Needless to say, Kamala Harris' selection to run as VP on the Democratic ticket has been met with a myriad of responses.  There are those that are overjoyed with potentially having a woman of color as VP, then there are those who are opposed to her selection for various reasons from her past work as Attorney General in California or her background.  While there are also those who are not moved either way.  And it's those two polar opposites of overjoyed and opposition that Sen. Harris will have to live in between-those that are happy and those that hate her being selected. 
And just like she will have to live within those two tensions, so it is with you and I.  In life, most if not all of us, live within the two tensions of opportunity and opposition. And sometimes we only see opposition as something bad or something detrimental.  Whereas, today I want to challenge you to see your oppositions in life as opportunities for a greater experience in life! 
Yes, your opposition is actually your opportunity to have a greater experience in life.  Opposition doesn't have to lead to your demise, it can actually be used as a pathway to progress. 
Here in our text, we see that the opposition Paul and Barnabas experienced catapulted them to a greater work for the Lord!  So don't let opposition overwhelm you, allow it to lead you to bigger opportunities.