“Making a Wrong Right”

September 13, 2020 ()

Bible Text: Acts 15: 22-35 |

Making mistakes or experiencing failures in life can be a painful part of life.  Most of us have heard at some point that failure is part of the learning process.  In other words, to learn you're going to have to fail sometimes.  However, the reality is that not too many people like to admit, own up to, confess that they've blown it. For some reason, we tend to see that as a sign of weakness.
And this seems to affect so many aspects of life.  It can happen at work-have you ever had a supervisor that has a hard time admitting their mistakes/failures?  Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who is never wrong or sees admitting mistakes/failures as a weakness and therefore never owns up to their stuff?  Have you ever been to a church where people can't apologize or make a wrong, right?
Listen, problems are a part of life, and trying to cover up, ignore, overlook, or avoid when you've made a mistake or failed doesn't make things better it actually weakens relationships. However, learning how to make wrongs right, builds stronger ties. 
Here we see the Jerusalem church taking the lead on fixing a faction that's continuing between the Jews and Gentiles. We can take some lessons from the early church about how to make wrongs, right. If we are willing to be action-oriented, acknowledging our past, and advancing the future we can make wrongs, right.  In fact, America cannot be what America claims it is until it makes some wrongs, right!