“A Detour to Destiny”

June 23, 2019 ()

Bible Text: Acts 27:33-44 |

One of the most frustrating experiences is driving in the DMV, especially during rush hour. There is something about traffic in this area that leads to a great deal of frustration, and for some road rage. However, what is even more annoying is when there is road work being done and DOT has set up detours and redirected traffic patterns. I hate detours! The greatest reason for my disdain of detours is probably because detours take you out of your way and at times lead you into areas that are unfamiliar.

And so it is with life. In this thing we call life, we will encounter detours that will take us into unfamiliar territory. However, it doesn't mean that we are not headed toward our destiny. Sometimes the detours are necessary for us to reach our destiny.

In our text, Paul is journeying on a ship that has been forced to change course a couple times, yet in the end he makes it to his destination. The detours that he and the others experience while arrested are part of the plan to see God do miraculous works in their lives. When we are experiencing the detours of life we must remember that God supplies all our needs, God may require our sacrifice, and He also uses simple things to do spectacular works. So no need to stress over the detours of life. Detours are a part of fulfilling our destiny.