“A Different Kind of Dad”

June 18, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Job 1:1-5 |

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We will get an early glimpse into the kind of father that Job was to his children as we see him described in the opening verses of the book bearing his name.  It's interesting to see that in this description of Job there is no mention of where he worked, what model chariot he may have ridden in, nor how he amassed so much wealth or prosperity.  However, we see Job described by his connection with God, his character, and his willingness to cover his children just in case they made some bad decisions.   As fathers, we have an important duty to our families, children, and communities to serve as godly guideposts along the road of life.  
Our connection with God, our character, and our willingness to cover our children will stand out in the minds of our kids more so than our places of employment or the kinds of cars we may have driven.  So be a different kind of dad!