A Journey of Faith

March 26, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 22: 1-8 |

One of the most therapeutic things for me to do is to drive.  I love driving, especially highway driving for long distances because driving long distances gives me the opportunity to think.  There is something therapeutic about long distance driving. However driving in parking lots or on roads with speed bumps irritate me to no end. It is something about the interruptions of calming devices like speed bumps that dampen my delight for driving. Because, quite frankly, speed bumps get in the way. They can slow down progress.
And so it is very often in life, there can be interruptions along the way that seem to hinder progress or try to keep us from living a life of faith in God.  Yet as we look at Abraham and how he continues on his journey of faith we can gain an understanding of how to do the same within our own lives. A journey of faith often includes some provocative situation or circumstance requiring our deep trust in God. In our text, Abraham is faced with such a situation when God requires that Abraham sacrifice his son Isaac. Moreover, like Abraham, we must be prepared and rely on the provisions of God while on our journey of faith.