“A New Normal”

After a month of isolation, quarantine, social distancing, and shelter in place orders, more and more people are talking about “opening the country” back up again, or getting back to “normal,” especially in time for the summer. You have states in the union taking chances with people’s lives by reopening businesses with social distancing guidelines- barber shops, restaurants, nail shops, movie theaters, etc.  Recently, a scientist, posed the big question: What will “normal” look like? We don’t have strong leadership on the national level and an exit plan for safely reopening the economy. And we’re way past the point where things could just go back to the way they used to be. Whenever we can go back outside, things will be fundamentally different. So many of us wonder when things get back to normal!

Well there some strong indicators that we won’t get back to how things used to be, but we will have to establish a new normal, a moderated normal!!!!!    

In our text, there are 4 men who suffer from leprosy but yet they find the fortitude to establish a new normal for their lives. They have a discussion about their current condition and what they can do about it, they receive divine intervention by God to help them experience a better outcome, and finally, these men understand their duty to humanity as a result of their victory.