“Are You Ready?”

December 9, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Luke 1: 8- 17 |

Christmas Day is just around the corner and we are in full swing of the Christmas season, many are preparing their heads, hearts, and homes for this special celebration.  The question, "Are you ready for Christmas?' is often asked during this special season of the year. Because there is so much preparing, planning, and producing that takes place in order to get ready for Christmas. 
And just like we take time to get ready for Christmas, there are things in our lives that we may also need the time to get ready or prepared for.  Because very often we want things we may not be ready to receive. So how do we know when we are ready?
Here we see that Zacharias and his wife wanted something from God they had so desperately desired that they even prayed about it.  And we see from their actions that they needed to get ready for what they were requesting from God.  Sometimes we are not ready for what we are asking for.  However, in order to be ready, we find that we must allow God's timing in our lives, abandon fear of the extraordinary, and accept God's purpose for our progress.