“Behind the Scenes”

June 25, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Job 1:6-12 |

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In Cinema, there is a growing genre of films that are produced while in the process of making a film. The Electronic Press Kit video or what we as viewers know as the Behind the Scenes footage has become a growing genre of film in its own right. In other words, when a company is creating a film or movie there is a team of people who are simultaneously creating a film that features the stuff going on behind the scenes during the process of making the film.  This feature-length footage at times becomes as important as the film itself because the feature is often used as a promotional tool to tell how the film was made, give credence and credit to the film crew, while also giving more insight into the film itself.  So viewers of the behind the scenes footage gain a better understanding of the process and production of the masterpiece. 
In the first chapter of Job, we find some behind the scenes footage of what takes place in the heavenly/spiritual realm of Job's life while he is living in the natural realm of time.  From this behind the scenes footage we can learn a lot about what is going on in Job's life and ours, while we interact with society on a natural level.  It's encouraging to note that our Adversary has to submit to God, therefore our Enemy is limited in what he can do to us.  Also, from the behind the scenes footage, we notice that God is well aware of who and what Job is doing while on the big screen of life.  Finally, this behind the scenes footage awards us the opportunity to witness the assistance from God that impacts Job's life and destiny.  So we should not fret, nor fear life's challenges because God is always working behind the scenes on things that we may not see or hear, yet know He is working on our behalf!