“Bound for a Breakthrough”

March 12, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Mark 2: 1-12 |

Very often we face situations and circumstances in life that seem impossible.   Whether it is a relationship, addiction, difficult work environment, family dysfunction or a painful life experience we all are intimately acquainted with encountering situations that need the intervention of God.  Yet many times we can find ourselves and others sitting and waiting for divine intervention, while also wondering why hasn't God shown up.  When and where is my breakthrough this mess I'm going through?
The Gospel writer Mark shares an incident in the life of a paralyzed man who has an encounter with Jesus and experiences a much-needed breakthrough.  This man has some people in his life that aid in his progress.  Sometimes God sends others into our lives to help get us in the position for His presence and power in ways we may not have been able to orchestrate on our own.  Moreover, God willingly provides what is necessary to overcome the obstacles to experiencing our much-desired breakthroughs.  When we learn to open ourselves up to God's extraordinary ways we will encounter mind-blowing improvements in those desired areas of our lives.