“Conquering Conflict”

July 23, 2017 ()

Bible Text: James 4: 1-10 |

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It has often been said, "In this life conflict is inevitable." In other words, no matter who you are, where you live, how much money you do or don't have- you will experience conflict. We will experience conflicts at home, work, neighborhood, and Lord knows at church. However, the question is how do we manage and resolve the conflicts we experience? Although conflicts are inevitable, it does not mean it's impossible to manage and resolve our relational, marital, and even familial conflicts.

The fourth chapter of the letter James writes to a community of believers addresses one of the major hiccups and hangups in human relationships, conflict. Why is there so much conflict among people? James shows us that when we recognize the cause, our contribution, and the cure to conflicts we will be better equipped to manage and resolve our disagreements/arguments. Yes, when we gain a better understanding of the nature of a conflict, we become better at solving the conflict.