“Dealing With Difficulties”

July 2, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Job 1:13-22 |

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Each of us has our own set of situations, challenges, and difficulties as we live life. There is no escaping the challenges of life.  No matter who we are, we will experience difficulty, tragedy, and at times suffering.  And for us as people, we tend to understand the rationale behind bad people experiencing difficulties.  Yet, when it comes to good people experiencing difficulties, this often seems to us as unfair or even unwarranted. Just like when we witness bad people receive so much success, we are often left not completely understanding why.
We will see from Job's life that in spite of his righteous living, God allows Job to experience major difficulties and extreme suffering.  In fact, we can take a lesson from Job on how to deal with our own difficulties, suffering, and tragedies in life. We can learn to embrace our challenges because they lead to a deeper devotion to God, while also understanding that we cannot get so attached to the trappings of our human experience and lose sight of the spiritual purpose of life eternal. Finally, exalting God during our difficulties enables us to rise above those things we believe too big for us to handle. Hence, difficulties no longer are viewed as a detriment to my life, but tools for my development.