“Difficulty before Destiny”

September 17, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 39:1-10 |


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One of the fascinating things about traveling by airplane is the notion of a structure as large as some buildings, and weighing hundreds of thousands of pounds being able to lift off of the ground and soar through the air. And what I've discovered is that in order for an airplane to fly there are 4 forces at work enabling anything from a Cessna Sky hawk to a 787 to take flight. I must admit that I don't mind flying, however the only moments of flying I don't care for is ascending into the sky and descending from the sky. Because in order for this aeronautical phenomenon to happen the forces of thrust, drag, gravity and lift must be balanced and working at the same time.

When a plane takes off the forces of thrust and lift are working to give the plane speed and flight. While at the same time, drag and gravity are working against thrust and lift to try to keep the plane from taking flight. So there is a noticeable tension, a period of resistance- moments of difficulty, trying to keep the plane grounded. However, when the forces of thrust and lift are stronger than the forces of gravity and drag, then the plane will take off into the clear blue sky and head towards its destination.

Very often in life we experience moments of tension, seasons of development and difficulties before reaching our destiny. God desires for us to soar and fly, but often we can get grounded due to forces working against us and giving in. We should always keep in mind that difficulty will come before destiny. We will always have moments of tensions and difficulties when journeying to our destiny.

Joseph has now been sold to Potiphar in Egypt and has to trust God's placement, power, and provision while going through this season of development. We can all be reminded from Joseph's story that God may have us in a certain place so we will learn to rely on His power and provision.