“Do the Right Thing”

June 28, 2020 ()

Bible Text:  Acts 11: 1-18 |


Just last June marked the 30th year anniversary of one of the world's premiere cinematic genius', Spike Lee's movie Do the Right Thing.  I'd like to borrow not only its title but also its method of confronting a social ill that has plagued and continues to plague America, racism. Yes, Lee's work although 31 years old this weekend is still relevant to our current climate. Its genius in shining the light on or raising the issues of race relations is just as necessary today as it was in 1989.
Because we have to deal with our race problem!  And I know dealing with racism isn't going to be easy, but we have to do the right thing and deal with it!  The only we can heal as a nation is to deal with it!  Some wise person said, "You can't fix what you don't face!" And for too long we've tried ignoring it, forgetting it, placating it-Oh we have our first black president so we're better now, The reality is that eradicating racism or any other -ism, prejudice, discrimination requires hard and heart work!
As we continue to follow along with Peter and the early church we can find some strategies or life principles to live by in order to overcome prejudice and racism. Here we find that Peter has to rise above resistance, remain committed to progress, and reimagine a better way of life.  When all of us are willing to roll up our sleeves and get into the business of reconciliation on all levels, then we will move forward.