“Enjoy Your Journey”

June 11, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Psalm 126 |

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Every major for-profit corporation, company or business seeks ways to maximize its efficiency and effectiveness in order to be a leader in it's respective field.  UPS, the worlds largest package delivery company, reportedly trains its truck drivers to almost never make a left turn while on their delivery route. Their specially designed software, which took nearly 10 years to design, analyzes and performs 30,000 route optimizations per minute for it's drivers-while strictly attempting to eliminate left turns. Because UPS's design team understood that there are certain driver requirements/habits necessary in order to have a more efficient journey delivering packages.  Needless to say, UPS claims that this change has saved the company between $300-$400 million annually in fuel, wages and vehicle running costs. They're mastering how to make their driver's routes more efficient and enjoyable because while driving in traffic left turns can be more stressful than right. 
If UPS would give this much thought to the routes and journey's of its delivery drivers, how much more should we evaluate and consider our journey with God?
Each of us are on our own personal journey with God.  And like any journey, trip, or sojourn there are experiences that can cause the journey to be delightful, or at times dreadful.  Very often the delight or dread of our sojourn with God is hinged upon the routes and turns we take during the process. Some routes end up taking us out of the way of our destination, while other seemingly uncertain turns may lead us down roads of joy and fulfillment.  The reality is that our journey with God will be filled with hills, valleys, twists and turns. However, when we consider a certain approach while on our journey wit