“Fixing Broken Relationships”

November 3, 2019 ()

Bible Text: John 21: 15-22 |

Broken relationships are the result of us living in a broken world. No matter who you are, most, if not all of us know of a fractured or broken relationship. Many of us have experienced the fracturing or splintering of a relationship. This doesn't just apply to romantic relationships, but also familial and friendships. The fracturing and dissolving of relationships happen all the time.

However, God wants us to work on reconciling fractured relationships. In fact, Jesus shows us a few pointers for fixing fractured relationships in our text. Jesus has fixed breakfast for the disciples as they had fished all night and caught nothing. However, we see that He's not only fixing food but wants to restore the relationship with Peter. Here we see that Jesus has a conversation with Peter to fix their relationship. We see that having sensible expectations, recognizing that seasons change, and staying focused are principles useful for fixing fractured relationships.