“Getting Connected”

May 21, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Luke 7: 1-10 |

There appears to be a great deal of disconnect in our society today, especially in light of the latest administration.  People seem to be at odds with one another at every turn. From airplanes to athletic competitions there is an angst among so many. The disconnect and divides between families, co-workers, citizens, churches etc.. are continuing to grow at alarming rates.  So how do we become a more connected community?
In our text, we find a centurion soldier whose servant has taken ill.  However, he did not allow the cultural norms of the day to deter him from reaching across boundaries for help.  The centurion sought out Jesus because he knew that the Master would be able to help his situation.  We can take a lesson from the centurion by living with regard for others, reverence for God, and a relentless faith to reconnect ourselves to one another.  The disconnect is deteriorating our society.