“Getting Rid of Guilt”

March 3, 2019 ()

Bible Text: John 8: 1-11 |

Many people struggle with overcoming guilt in our lives. If you have ever done something that you weren't proud of or something that you thought you would never do but somehow found yourself in that predicament- you may understand the nature of feelings associated with doing wrong. Guilt is an emotion that can plaque us even years after the incident has occurred. Sometimes it can be a series of actions, a single error in judgment, an indiscretion, or a thoughtless remark that has burdened you with what seems to be overwhelming guilt that is relentless.

However, God doesn't desire for our lives to be ruined or run by guilt. If we are not careful we can begin to pattern the rest of our lives based upon past mistakes and the guilt that seems to never leave us alone.

In our text, Jesus has to deal with a group of men who bring to him a woman caught in adultery, and they are seeking his disapproval and disdain of this woman. However, what they find is that Jesus didn't want this woman's life to be overcome with the guilt of her actions.

So we see from this encounter how we can handle the guilt in our lives by realizing that God's definitely seen and heard it all, God doesn't condemn as people do, God desires your destiny to be fulfilled in your life. Therefore, don't allow guilt to overtake your life-get rid of guilt and fulfill your destiny.