“How to Handle Change”

February 9, 2020 ()

Bible Text: Luke 1: 26-35 |

I know it's not Christmas and we are not celebrating the Birth of Christ. However, this particular passage helps us beyond the Advent Season. This experience that Mary has helps each of us deal with the inevitable; change.

One of the most difficult things in life is change. In fact, change is challenging. Whether it is changing a habit or attitude- change is always a challenge. And change is even more difficult when it is imposed on us suddenly, without our approval, or must happen out of necessity. For example, if there is a change in health or a change in a relationship because of death or divorce. Change can be difficult. Change is hard to handle individually, and even a greater challenge collectively. It's one thing for an individual to change, it's an even greater struggle to help organizations change.

And as we are in a season where even churches are faced with having to change and do things differently than before or risk becoming irrelevant, how do we handle making changes? How do we keep the fear of changing from taking over?

In this encounter that Mary, the mother of Jesus experiences we find her being encouraged by the angel to not allow fear to keep her from moving forward. Yes, at times the fear of the unknown can cause so many to resist making changes for the better. However, we see from our text that God is with you during change, great things can happen as a result of change, and God empowers you for change.

So remember that there is a way to handle change, whether it is in our individual or collective lives.