Leaving Your Comfort Zone

February 19, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 28: 10-22 |

All of us have different zones of comfort that we desire to remain within.  Most, if not all of us are generally ruled by our habits. We tend to do things the same old way because it is comfortable. However, the risk to always staying strictly within our levels of comfort is that we can set up mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, and even physical boundaries that can lead to real limitations that prohibit our growth.
In our text, Jacob helps reveal some necessary steps in moving beyond our comfort zones and experiencing greater depths of life in God.  Jacob leaves the familiar and is on a journey with God and experiences life in ways like never before.  We too can learn how to leave our comfort zones and live beyond self-imposed boundaries or those set by others. As we walk with God, do not allow your comfort zones to rule; rather, allow God to reign and rule in your life even when things are not comfortable.