“Overcoming the Trap of Tradition”

December 10, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Luke 1:57-66 |

The second Sunday in the Advent Season symbolizes faith and it's power in the lives of those who exercise it. Obtaining and maintaining faith in God is instrumental in living life. Very often people may allow traditions to get in the way of exercising faith and truly experiencing the providence of God. If we are not careful social, religious, relational and communal traditions can take precedence over allowing God to have His way in our lives.  
In this unassuming encounter with Zechariah and Elizabeth, we see them overcome the trap that traditions may often impose on a person, family or group of individuals.  The people in the community thought that Zechariah and Elizabeth's child should be named after Zechariah, which was in accordance with social tradition.  However, Zechariah and Elizabeth understood what God's instructions were to them and did not allow tradition to triumph the providence of God. Yes, God was doing something in their lives that was out of the ordinary and beyond tradition.
We can take a lesson from Zechariah and Elizabeth by not allowing ourselves to be trapped by tradition. Let us celebrate Christmas out of the true essence and understanding of the Birth of Christ and all that it means, not just tradition.  The tradition of just buying and receiving gifts during Christmas while ignoring the Birth of Christ can leave people lacking.  So remember that this season is all about God's great gift to us, Christ Jesus our Lord.