“Playing on the Road”

April 7, 2019 ()

Bible Text: Mark 6: 6-13 |


As many of us continue to enjoy March Madness and have moved from the Elite Eight to the Final Four and beyond, one of the noticeable commonalities for each team in the NCAA tournament is having to play on the road. In other words, each team does not have the opportunity to play on their home court. Actually, all teams are playing on the road. Each team has to take their game to another level because they won't have home court advantage.

This Jesus also makes evident among his disciples as they are sent out by Him to do His work and to face a crazy world. Mark shares with his readers that Jesus calls His disciples to do a work for Him, and the reality is that they won't be on their own home turf but will be on the road.

We too are living our lives on the road because the earth is not our home. So we must remember that we have an edge over all the enemies we face in life, we should remember God's expectancy of us as we go through life, and finally, we can remember his example of how to overcome the obstacles in life. When we keep these things in mind we can have success on the road.