“Restoring Relationships”

November 5, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 45: 16-28 |



Well Joseph has ascended to the position of lord over all Egypt.  Remember his journey began as the youngest son in a family who didn't believe in his dreams.  In fact, Joseph's brothers despised him so much that they conspired and executed a plan to attempt to derail his destiny.  Little did Joseph's brothers know that God would take their evil and turn it into good. So God has moved Joseph from the pit to the palace in Egypt. In other words, everyone in Egypt, with the exception of Pharaoh, are under Joseph's supervision.

Yet, we must realize that Joseph was not only elevated for the preservation of Egypt and his family, but God developed Joseph to help heal the brokenness in his family. Yes, Joseph's development is in part to restore relationships. And we can see from Joseph's actions and reactions that restoring relationships requires hard work. 
We live in a web of relationships.  All around us are different types of relationships. And one of the most difficult, yet important things to do is restore relationships that have been fractured and broken.  Mending mess that has happened between us and others is a challenging feat.  Yet when we look to Joseph's example we see that we must focus on the future not just the past, and realize that sometimes we have to furnish the opportunity for others to experience wholeness because they may not be capable of doing it on their own. Then we are in position to feed hope to those we come in contact with and help bring healing to hurts of the past.
Always remember that God develops us to be a blessing to others and bring restoration to a broken, fragmented and fractured society.