“Risky Business”

March 19, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Mark 10: 46-52 |

When we look at the lives of individuals like President Obama, Harriet Tubman, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs or Vera Wang we find something very much in common, despite the stark differences between them: each decided to take a risk. Each of the aforementioned is considered to be a risk taker. 
What is it that keeps so many of us from a willingness to take risks? Perhaps when we take risks it can endanger our smooth and predictable lifestyles. See, when you're taking a risk, you're setting aside that which is in your possession (it is immediate and can be utilized for your personal benefit - I.e. time, money, energy or any other resource) for a chance of something more. But, the key part is, you may lose what you may already have.  Therefore, this possibility often frightens so many and the result is always playing it safe! However, God doesn't want us to always play it safe in life.  He desires that we live a life of faith, which will often mean taking risks, not just playing it safe. 
In our text, blind Bartimaeus is willing to take a risk when he hears that Jesus is walking by the road where Bartimaeus often sat to beg for resources each day.  And just like in our own lives, not everyone will celebrate the things we do in order to help move our lives forward.  However, Jesus responds to Bartimaeus' willingness to take a risk and call out His name while in the midst of a crowd who wanted Bartimaeus to remain silent.  For each of us,  it takes fortitude, finding our voice, and a walk of faith,  in order to live lives that involve risk taking. God is always with us, and remember He desires that we trust Him even when it seems risky.