Session 2: “Parenting by Design”

August 11, 2019 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 3: 9-13 |


During this workshop we will attempt to address a growing problem within the African American community. Since the turn of the 21st century, there has been a sharp decline in our allegiance to Americas fundamental ideals on the make-up and values of the traditional family structure. In todays climate, the family and the family structure, is no loner defined as a union between a wedded man and woman working collaboratively to shape their children into civil, honorable, ethical and law abiding adults. Although this phenomenon is ill-impacting every racial ethnicity, its impact upon African Americans is disproportionately higher than any other group by a margin of 21%. According to the 2010 US Census Report, 72% of African American children are born out of wedlock. The report states that, 69% of African American children live in maternally headed single parented households. It also states that, of the 69% of maternally headed households, 62% are unchurched and have been inactive from a faith environment for a period longer than one year. There are currently 13 million single African American mothers in America, of which 62% are unchurched. That means that roughly 8 million African American women are raising children alone, without the benefits and structure of a faith system and a family of faith. This information is alarming, and should be especially alarming to the faith community. The church of Jesus Christ has to respond quickly to this growing ill, by shifting the age old paradigm “that the church does not raise children, it only reinforces what parents teach them at home.” Long gone are the days of old, where parents were connected spiritually, thereby able to rear their children according to the principles of Gods Word. We are living in a time where babies are having babies, and worst yet, doing so single-handedly with limited competent assistance. So what can the church do to salvage our families?

Answer: We must begin to go out into the world and teach parents how to PARENT BY DESIGN!!!!!