“Stepping into the Blessings of God”

January 26, 2020 ()

Bible Text: Exodus 23: 16-25 |

In this technological society that we live in, one of the greatest tools I believe we possess is GPS navigation for our automobiles. A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to work for a few days by Uber. And I was amazed that each day I had a different Uber driver that used navigation to get me to my destination. However, I also noticed that each driver took a different route to get me to the same destination. The GPS gave the drivers different directions to get me to my destination. There are so many benefits to using navigation when traveling by automobile.

But how do we know when we are heading in the right direction in our spiritual walk? How do we know when we are traveling the right road in our lives?

In our text, we find the people of Israel getting instruction for their lives as they are on the move to stepping into the blessings of God and embracing a new way of living. We see from the text that it takes celebration, communication, and dedication to step into the blessings of God.