“Taking the Floor”

March 31, 2019 ()

Bible Text: John 12: 12-21 |


We are in full swing of March Madness and the excitement of college basketball fills the air.  I want to work on a series of sermons centered around this exciting time of the year for avid basketball fans. One of the noticeable actions during this season is at the beginning of the games when teams take the floor. Now, when teams are in the height of March Madness or even NBA teams, especially during the playoff season, come out onto the court-they don't just come on the court-they take the floor!
In other words, there is no casual sache onto the basketball court.  The teams come out with a certain swagger, mindset, and mentality that says we mean business.  We could take a life lesson from the start of a March Madness or NBA basketball game.
In fact, we find in our text this morning that as Jesus was entering into Jerusalem there are a few principles being practiced at that moment that is akin to taking the floor. Just like teams take the floor during March Madness there are some ways we need to take the floor of life each and every day!  As we see from this text there is a certain excitement, expectation, and expansion that's evident during Jesus' monumental march into Jerusalem.