Test Taking

April 2, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 22:9-18 |

In almost every aspect of life, we are required to submit to tests in order to make progress or move from one stage to another.  While in school, we have a variety of tests that must be taken in order to move from one grade level to another. When students get in 11th and 12th-grade, SAT and or ACT tests are taken if students choose to go to college.  As adults, we go through series of tests when taking annual physicals (blood tests, certain gender specific tests, etc). If one chooses to drive you must submit to a driver's test.  Life is filled with tests.
And so it is when we are on our journey with God!  In order to move from one stage on the journey to another, we will encounter tests all throughout our walk.  Abraham shows us a few common areas that God tests us in.  For instance, God desires to see if we are truly willing to surrender our entire lives to Him and walk in faith.  He also places us in peculiar predicaments as a way to develop us spiritually. So while we walk with God remember that we all will experience tests that have to be taken as we transition from one stage to another.