“The Blessing of Opposition”

September 16, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Acts 5: 17-25 |

Most, if not, all of us do not like opposition. We don't like it when we are heading in a direction we believe possible, and then opposition appears. At times we find it draining, discouraging, and can be distracting when we experience opposition in our lives. However, opposition can also bring about blessing and benefits.

In our text, we find the apostles experiencing major opposition. In fact, when we are following God, we ought to expect some opposition. We should expect that there will be some force(s) trying to work against what we are trying to do. But just like the apostles, we can experience the blessings that come along with opposition. We get to experience the intervention of God, instructions from God, and the incomprehensible work of God all because there was some opposition in our lives. So the next time opposition shows up, prepare yourself to also experience blessings.