“The Need for Change”

March 25, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Mark 11: 1-11 |

When Jesus rode into Jerusalem, everyone knew a regime change was taking place. This was the day that God's people had been praying for. They had been under the oppressive hand of Rome and desperately wanted a change.

What do you do when you know deep down inside that you need a change in your life or the way you handle things hasn't been most effective-so you need change. We can find a few principles from Jesus' entry into Jerusalem that can help us generate change within our own lives. It doesn't matter whether the change we seek is relational, financial, spiritual, or familial- the practices necessary for a change to take place center around our willingness to release our way to Christ, while also becoming a resource for Him to utilize, which can ultimately lead to rejoicing in Christ.

Change is not always easy, but it is necessary as we experience life. We have to be willing to dig deep in order to usher change into our own lives.