“This Could Be Your Best Year Yet”

January 7, 2018 ()

Bible Text: 1 Kings 19:19-21 |


The new year is upon us and so often the first few days or even weeks are filled with creating new year resolutions and declarations for the upcoming 360+ days.  Many people design lists of things they believe will aid them in living a better life during the new year. However, most of us are aware that the majority of resolutions are broken within the first few weeks of the new year.  So how do you increase the likelihood of making this year your best year yet?
We see from Elisha's story that transitioning from one stage in life to another requires living our authentic selves.  It doesn't do us any good living our lives based on the thoughts, dreams, and imaginations of others.  Because so often others possess limited vision and may not see all God sees within us. However, Elijah (prophet) sees something within Elisha that others did not see. 
Finally, we must also come to accept the reality that God has so much more in store for our lives but we have to be willing to go through the sacrifice to receive God's best.  So let's make this year the best year yet by walking even closer to God.