“Walking with God – Part 1”

June 24, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 5: 21-24 |


One of the biggest milestones in our first few years of life is learning to walk. When a baby begins learning how to take their first steps is an exciting time for parents and families. It's exciting to see the stumbling take place because we know that sooner or later the stumbling will be replaced by full steps forward. And usually when a toddler is learning to walk they need assistance or help with the process.

Walking is one of the simplest activities that we at times take for granted and don't give much thought when we are doing it. Yet, it is one of the easiest forms of exercise, it is one of the first things that surgeons want a patient to do soon after surgery, it is often practiced by pregnant women when close to their delivery date to get the baby in position for birthing. Physically walking is something that most people, barring any kind of paralysis or physical limitations, do on a daily basis.

However, walking with God has some similarities to learning how to physically walk as a toddler. Just as toddlers need assistance in keeping their balance at first, so do we when we are learning how to walk with God.

Here we find a few passages about a man named Enoch who scripture states, " Walked with God." And from these few passages, we get an indication of what it looks like to walk with God.